Mount Brydges Skating Club

Come join us! Serving Mount Brydges/Komoka/Kilworth/Delaware since 1974.

MBSC Mission Statement

The mission of the Mount Brydges Skating Club is to promote the artistic, recreational and competitive aspects of figure skating. We will strive to make available to any member the training and coach necessary to achieve their individual goals and enjoyment of figure skating. Continually educating and increasing public awareness of the merits of figure skating as an art and a sport will achieve this. The result will be a quality skating experience and enjoyment of the sport for all its members. 

MBSC Coaches

Chrissy Kernaghan 519-264-2636

Greg Knight 519-287-5092

Leslie Knight 519-287-5092

Kylie Knight 519-287-5092

Shayna McFadden 519-264-2909

Erin Scherrer 226-868-8311

Board of Directors 2016/17

To contact us email


President - Dave Meyers

Vice-President - Michelle McKellar

Treasurer - Jessica Brown

Secretary - April Hunter

Test Chair - Michelle McKellar

Program Assistants/Theme Day's - Pam Timmermans

HOME Rep - Stephanie Bond

Synchronized Skating Rep - Heather Dearing

Registrar - Michelle Gros

Dance Chair - Wendy Geertsma

Publicity/Club Promotion/Website - Jen Grozelle

Fundraising/Events - Heather Dearing, Josie Brooks, Jodi Woodburn


Committee Chairs

Banquet - Lynn Berfelz

Bingo  - Ashley Aris